Monday, 9 March 2009


You may have worked out that here at Outbacchus we are very positive about ScrewCaps as a closure of choice, this latest article from shows how the industry as a whole is embracing ScrewCaps at the expense of Cork and Synthetic closures:

For a great article on Corks v Screwcaps, read Philip Whites article at:

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Outbacchus Update - Wines for 2009

Now the winter is finally coming to an end, it is time to look at some of the wines for 2009 from Outbacchus. 

Showing that Rosé wine is more than just lolly water, the Old Mill Estate Touriga Nacional Rosé is a smasher of a wine. Made from the grape that makes the great fortifieds of Oporto, it has been taken from its native Portugal and lovingly cultivated in South Australia to produce one of the great Rosé wines from any region. This is a real wine for Summer, bursting with fruit, yet a serious dry Rosé. This wine has led the renaissance in Australian Rosé's, not only that, but also manages to restrain the alcohol (this being 12.2% alc/vol).

Here are some reviews:

"Peter & Vicki Widdop’s Langhorne Creek fruit has assumed the guise of a savoury, berry-scented Rose, all brambly and perfumed with some red currants in the mix. The palate is nicely weighted with plenty of flavour and chewy savoury fruit tannin, adding grip through the finish: this doesn’t rely on sugar to get it over the line. It’s all about balance and charm”. 
Nick Stock ‘Sumptuous’.

“Here’s a pink wine that should appeal to both sexes at the barbecue. With the fresh, raspberry fruitiness a Rose must have, there’s also a steely backbone to it that could see it cope with a charred chop. It is another rare Australian Rose that doesn’t try to charm with sugar sweetness”.
Greg Duncan Powell ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’.

A vivacious and cheeky light red from a small Langhorne Creek producer. It’s chockers with fresh raspberries and maraschino cherries with dry savoury palate making it a superb summer food wine.
Kylie Fleming, Uncorked - Messenger Press - 17 January, 2007

The wine is available from A Wine Affair, Shaftesbury, Dorset. Telephone: 01747 82862

Saturday, 4 August 2007

First Shipment of Wine has landed!!

Great News! After what seems like an eternity at Sea, the very first shipment of wine has landed and has been safely packed away in our recently converted, temperature controlled store. As you can see, we had a couple of extra hands available for the unloading!

We were very lucky to get these strictly limited parcels of wine as they are flying straight out of Cellar door back in Australia.

Within the shipment were Mt Bera 3.13 Pinot Noir, which has incidentally won a medal at this years Decanter World Wine Awards, A wonderful Riesling from Karra Yerta Wines, recently given a 94+ review by leading critic Philip White and 4.5/5 from James Halliday in his 2008 Guide to Australian Wine; a Touriga Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon from Old Mill Estate which are taking Austalia by storm.

Keep checking the website for availability , and sign up to the newsletter where we can let you know in advance.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Check out my Squidoo Lens

Artisan Wines of Australia on Squidoo

What do you think? Its rapidly moving up the lens ranking....

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Why not visit our Website

We have now gone live on our website to co-incide with the delivery of our first batch of wine. The strictly limited quantities of Decanter Award winning Mt Bera Pinot Noir, Old Mill Estate Cab Sauv and Touriga Rose, as well as a fabulous Riesling from Karra Yerta Wines are now available wholesale. The website can be viewed at

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Artisan Wines of Australia

Outbacchus is a new venture comprising a collective of small Australian artisan winemakers. The focus is on extreme high quality, purity and exclusivity at all stages.

All wines are hand-made in very small quantities and all are
independently assessed by the leading wine reviewers in Australia
before being selected for the list. The amounts are strictly limited as the whole operation is focused primarily on quality as opposed to

All of the wines selected are made from single vineyard fruit using
organic or biodynamic methods with minimal intervention at all stages
of production.

Hand Made wines from hands on people. >

Australian Artisan Wines available now in the UK

Australian Artisan Wines available now in the UK